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  We adhere to the principle of service of“customer first”when you purchase Jinlong products, we will provide you with the satisfaction, you will have nothing to worry 

  We firmly believe that the service idea of"sell credibility before selling products"therefore, the earnesty will be our habit; we will help you meticulously and dutifully. Only with the reliable quality will we have a reliable guarantee, only with the perfect products can we dare to promise! Changsha Jinlong Foundry Industry Co., Ltd. makes a solemn commitment to the community: units and customers using the "Golden Dragon" brand ductile iron and the anti-theft and anti-shock ring covers and series of products of this company, we make a commitment as the leader with a special after-sales service as follows:

  1, We make a long-term tracking of products’ quality and after-sales service, and are responsible for handling the ball ink wells, and deal with some problems of the installation of the cast iron manhole covers and ductile iron manhole covers and frames and the use and maintenance of technical issues.

  2, In strict accordance with the requirements of the contract and drawings, we ensure the number of suppliers, product quality and delivery deadline, and carry out the "People's Republic of China Product Quality Law", and implement the policy of "Three Guarantees for products’ quality." For the clients using our products, our company will provide lifelong service. According to the operation of the road, and the carrying capacity of the Ministry of Construction standard, if the products appear the following phenomenon, such as the cover car stolen or crushed on the way, the manufacturers are liable for the compensation of  its suite of products.

  3, In strict accordance with the EC standards, Dragon brand series ductile iron covers are qualified product, which is applied for any harsh environment. Anti-theft locks are within the five-year warranty, and are within two years replacement, they can be refunded in one year if there are quality problems. Within the specified range of bearing pressure, Golden Dragon brand manhole covers products can not be broken, and will not be deformed in harsh environments, non-corrosive, non- sound, and under normal circumstances, they are not moved or stolen. "Golden Dragon" brand ductile iron anti-theft and anti-shock technological products will be continuous and safe used of 50 years without rust, corrosion, aging problems.

  4, Our company provides professional pre-sale services: to provide you with free professional consulting services, to develop a variety of programs to choose from, you recommend the most suitable products; according to your needs, we design and manufacture non-standard products with special requirements; for special projects, we will propose free professional technical advice for you, and to prepare a detailed plan for your reference.

  5, The Company provides professional sales services: we will visit construction on sites, and recommend the most suitable products, and we will provide prior installation instructions for the on-site construction workers at any time.

  6, Our Company provides professional service: The Company is equipped with professional service team, and is a strong defender of the distribution network, which are at your disposal. Provide free professional technical advice, free guide for your on-site installation and commission, so as to provide guidance and training for the on-site construction workers ready for installation, to ensure that each cover can be used normally.

  7, We are committed to provide you with efficient service: after receiving your quality feedback within 4 hours, we will provide you with treatment program you are satisfied with; service personnel will rush to the scene to deal with failure within 12 hours in the province, and will arrive on the scene within a processing failure with 48 hours of the outside province, if there is the special emergency, we will rush to the site for the troubleshooting.

  We sincerely remind you:

  1. If your product is faulty, please call the service phone.

  2. If you are dissatisfied with our service or need business consultants, please call the service Tel:+86-151163819851