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  Changsha Jinlong Foundry Industry Co.,Ltd. was established Changsha city of Chinain 1993, is a leading supplier of high-qaulity ductile iron manhole covers and drain grates. we are not only specialized in providing high-quality products and services but also creating a more secure and environmental municipal facilities for the public. Adhering to the creed of "Cast Nothing but Reliabilty" and BS EN124 standard, Jinlong Foundry will not only put the professional spirit into every aspect of the company's operation, but also actively promote the building of a harmonious corporate culture.

  Jinlong Foundry is committed to providing higher value-added products and services for the domestic and foreign markets and customers, with a triple anti-ring, double anti-theft lockable manhole covers, EN124 D400 ductile iron manhole covers and many other leading international original technologies, and we understand and meet the needs of consumers, and jointly create higher safety, environmental municipal facilities.

  Currently, Jinlong Foundry is in the leading position which provides a full range of solutions for the safer, more environmental manhole covers. It will also expand their business abroad, including in Italy, Germany, France, Spain, UK, USA, Canada and more than 20 countries and regions where there are their long-term and stable business partners.

  Jinlong Foundry will adhere to innovation and sustainable development in some aspects, including developing strategy, business model, management and product development. Through innovative business operations, we can enhance corporate value and product value of the company. Our company will bring up professional-quality talents for the community, and become a model of harmonious enterprises. In the future, Jinlong Foundry is forging ahead for the goal of an international leading brand of the foundry industry.