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 Brief Introduction 

  The manhole cover of next generation

    Smart manhole cover is to install a controller on the traditional manhole cover, and the lock body is connected, through the mobile phone and the controller to establish a communication connection, to lock and unlock the manhole cover. Users can inquire the switching state of the manhole cover in real time through the web page and mobile phone APP, alarm in time when illegal opening or damage of the manhole cover occur, and inform users through internet in the means of APP alarm or through text messages, so as to facilitate users to know the use of the manhole cover timely and accurately. The lock body is made of high-strength, corrosion-resistant aerospace materials, high-precision processing, with high waterproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, shock-proof capability, and equipped with RFID identification chip, each lock has an independent identity code, effectively preventing the cover from unlawfully opening and protecting underground resources.



The advantages of Smart manhole cover are:


1. Smart protection of the well cover, timely alarm and feedback for illegal opening and embezzlement, from the mechanism to ensure the safety of the well cover and underground communication cable, to ensure the smooth communication network.


2. Smart protection of the manhole cover, through the application of password lock and authorized opening mode, anyone and unit to enter the underground pipeline network and construction need to be approved and authorized by the management of the manhole cover, fundamentally eliminate illegal occupation of underground pipeline network resources. So as to ensure the value added management of resource lessor.


3. Smart manhole cover monitoring system can timely and accurately reflect the real state of the manhole cover, make up for the shortcomings of traditional manual inspection, greatly improve the response speed and efficiency of maintenance work, save a lot of time and manpower at the same time, greatly enhance the management level and image of the manhole cover users.